Cuddle Therapy (2)

What Happens In Cuddle Counselling?

Cuddle Counselling which involves platonic touch, such as cuddling, stroking and hair-play. Sessions typically start with some relaxation exercises and breathing techniques. This can help you relax into the session and move past any nerves or tension you may have about cuddling up with a stranger.


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Cuddling Therapy

Coping with the fast-paced lifestyle with almost ‘zero’ work-life balance and unprecedented situations like the coronavirus pandemic has affected every individual’s mental health.

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Book a Healing for you or for your famil members to increase their self-confidence,Self-esteem etc.

Ans:  There are many Healing therapies. First we will see the client and discuss about the issue and suggest what is best for the client..

Ans: Approximately from 1 to 1.30 minutes will be taken.

Ans: The appointment can be fixed from the below link or Please whatsapp to 91-7010702114

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